Clear Size

ClearSize is new

It has been extensively researched and user approvals have ranged from 52% to over 90%. With more garments being bought online ClearSize removes the size uncertainty of buying online and the inconvenience and cost of having to return ill fitting garments.

ClearSize is versatile

Use ClearSize for all age and size groups. ClearSize, is low cost for the retailer and we believe will be virtually free for the public due to the savings that retailers will make as a result of reductions in the number of garments being returned due to incorrect sizing. Imagine what it could be like to order that garment for yourself, your partner or your children in the knowledge that it will fit when you get it! ClearSize helps remove the inconvenience of returning incorrect fitting garments and gives confidence with the cross checking table that different manufacturers sizes can be compared. ClearSize because you keep it at home can be used at whatever time you like and however many times you want to.

ClearSize designed to fit

ClearSize is designed to fit like a second skin accurately telling you the size you are. Depending on the retailer, it can be made to their sizing regime or any other. ClearSize is made from non-woven low stretch materials similar to the types presently used as interlinings for the garments you already buy.

ClearSize and the Environment

It is estimated that 25% of all garments despatched are returned due to incorrect size. The reduction of returns will gain dramatic environmental savings due to reductions of wasted packaging, duplicated orders and delivery journeys. When after many uses it is not needed any more it can be recycled using presently available techniques just as other synthetic materials.

Clear Size
Clear Size
ClearSize can be made in any garment type or style. For instance variations in Jean cut.
Great for Childrens clothes where many sizing regimes exist.
Use ClearSize when buying maternity wear.
Great for people changing or unsure of their size.
Trim arm and leg lengths at home to suit you.
ClearSize is designed to fit as a second skin to accurately gauge your size on any part of the body.

At minimal cost ClearSize can provide peace of mind when purchasing sealed display lingerie.
Clear Size
Clear Size

ClearSize has been developed for you. Demand it from your retailer.